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Guidance for international patients returning from overseas holidays or travelling into England for treatment – updated 29.11.21

Please follow the below travel advice, based on UK government guidelines, before attending the hospital:

Travel from ‘red list’ travel ban countries

  • Countries identified as ‘red list’ travel ban can be found on GOV.UK: GOV.UK (www.gov.uk).
  • Everyone travelling in or through a ‘red list’ travel ban country is currently being refused entry to the UK unless they are a British or Irish national, or they have residence rights in the UK. UK and Irish residents are required to quarantine in a designated hotel for 10 days, and negative results from PCR Covid-19 tests taken on day 2 and day 8 of this quarantine are required prior to attending the hospital for any appointments.

Any patient quarantining in the UK and requiring emergency ophthalmic care during this time should contact the NHS nurse-led helpline on 020 7566 2345 or click here for a video consultation to be assessed.

Travel from all other countries

All patients entering England from travel in or through any other country should ensure that they follow the vaccinated and non-vaccinated guidelines.

Fully vaccinated

All people must undertake a PCR test on day 2 of arrival and isolate at their place of residence. When this has returned a negative result, they can attend their hospital appointment as planned. Should the PCR result be positive, then isolation for the full 10 days would be required prior to hospital attendance.

Children under the age of 4 are not required to do a PCR test unless they have been instructed to do so as part of their preparation for planned surgery.

All elective admissions for surgery must follow the instructions in the letter we send, which may include isolation for 3 days prior to date of surgery and a negative Covid-19 test.

Non-vaccinated/partially vaccinated

People who have travelled from overseas and are not fully vaccinated will need to quarantine at their place of residence for 10 days and undertake a PCR test on or before day 2 and day 8 of this quarantine.

Any patient quarantining in the UK and requiring emergency ophthalmic care during this time should contact the NHS nurse-led helpline on 020 7566 2345 or click here for a video consultation to be assessed.

Read more on the guidance for overseas patients: Travel to England from another country during coronavirus (Covid-19) - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

Moorfields Private warmly welcomes patients from overseas.

The experienced consultants that practice at Moorfields Private see many visitors from outside the UK, and offer everything from the latest laser vision correction to specialised care for rare conditions. Children are treated in our dedicated paediatric unit, with registered children’s nurses and a playroom staffed by qualified specialists.

For patients funded by sponsors:

Our dedicated referrer engagement manager is the main point of contact for embassy, corporate and third party sponsors wishing to refer their patients to the hospital, overseeing all aspects of the patient’s treatment pathway from the initial consultation to discharge and follow up appointments.

The referrer engagement manager can be contacted on:

Phone: +44 (0)20 7253 3411, extension 4748

Email: Moorfields.privateinternational@nhs.net

Your appointment at Moorfields Private Eye Hospital: Helping to keep our patients and staff safe

From 2 November - August 2021, Old Street station (near City Road) will be exit only between 7.00-10.00am. The green line will remain in place & patients can still the station if they show their appointment letter or text. The route through the station will be unchanged.

What to bring with you

All relevant medical information and prescribed or non-prescribed medication you are taking in their original containers.

If you are staying overnight, personal toiletries such as toothbrush and toothpaste or denture cleaner, shaving equipment, hairbrush/comb, shampoo/conditioner and soap, nightwear, dressing gown and slippers. We provide you with fresh linen, soap, bath and hand towels. WiFi is available so you may wish to bring a tablet or laptop with you. Please note that we cannot accept responsibility for any personal possessions brought into the hospital.

Allergies and dietary requirements
Please advise our Admissions Coordinator if you have any allergies to any foods, latex or medicines or have any special dietary requirements.

Patients receiving private health care or classed as an overseas patient are required to arrange and fund interpreting or translation services independently or through the designated embassy.

In all cases an external interpreter should be used.

We ask that your relatives and friends do not act as interpreters unless agreed by your clinician. Children under the age of 16 years should not be asked to interpret.

Your appointment at Moorfields Private Eye Hospital: Helping to keep our patients and staff safe

Please arrive at the time and location specified in your appointment letter. This will help to any avoid delays.

If this is your first appointment, you will be asked to confirm your personal information to ensure that the registration details we have for you on file are correct.

You will also be required to complete an “undertaking to pay” form, even if your account is being settled by a third party. If you are covered by private medical insurance, it may be useful to bring the name and address of your insurer, your policy number and authorisation code with you.

To help maintain social distancing measures for the health and safety of our patients and staff we are asking you to attend appointments alone unless absolutely necessary. If you do need to bring someone, please only bring one relative, or carer. Children (under 18 years) should also only be accompanied by one parent or carer.

The Richard Desmond Children’s Eye Centre, Moorfields Private’s specialist children’s unit, aims to make your child’s stay as happy and home-like as possible. Within a reassuring setting, our consultants and clinical teams provide a level of care that fully supports our worldwide reputation as a centre of excellence for childhood eye conditions.

Up to the age of 16, children are cared for in this purpose-built facility connected to our main hospital in City Road in central London. It houses outpatient consulting rooms, a day-care ward and a children’s A&E department (weekdays, 9am to 5pm only). The children’s wards are staffed by registered children’s nurses and the playroom is supervised by qualified play specialists.

Our children’s service covers all major types of eye condition. These include squints (strabismus) and lazy eye (ambloyopia), refractive errors, problems with the eye socket, tear glands and lids, anophthalmia and microphthalmia (for children born without eyes or with very small eyes), cataracts, external and corneal diseases, genetic conditions, glaucoma, retinal disorders, and inflammatory eye conditions (uveitis).

Moorfields Private’s expertise and experience in treating these often rare conditions means we are the first choice for many parents who need to know their child is going to receive the very best care and service possible.

Same and next day appointments with leading experts in ophthalmology.

Monday – Friday, 2pm - 6pm

Call 0800 328 3421 to book

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Moorfields Private Pharmacy is a registered pharmacy. We provide a comprehensive ophthalmic dispensing service to all private patients using our inpatient and outpatient facilities and for patients with private prescriptions from the community.

Our opening hours are Monday to Friday from 8.30am - 9pm.

To avoid any delays to your admission, we suggest that you ensure the following are in place before you arrive.

If your treatment costs are covered by medical insurance

It is essential that you contact your insurance provider to obtain an authorisation number and check that your policy fully covers your treatment. If it does not, you will be liable for any shortfall or excess, which will require payment within 7 days of notification. Take home medication is not covered by medical insurance.

Please contact our admissions co-ordinator prior to arrival on +44 (0)20 7566 2600, to confirm your authorisation number.

If you are paying your own account

We request that you settle your account in full prior to treatment. We accept credit and debit card payments in advance and on the day of your treatment. Please note that we are unable to accept cash payments. If you wish to pay over the phone, please contact our Finance Team on +44 (0)207 566 2449 or (0) 207 566 2830.

If you wish to pay by cheque, please allow 10 days prior to your admission for the cheque to clear.

Should there be any excess charges, such as those for take home medications, you will be asked to pay these in full.

Interest free payment plans

We offer payment plans via a 3rd party provider for the majority of cases within the following procedures:

You are able to apply for interest free payment plans over six, nine and ten months, subject to a credit check, no deposit is required.

For more information please speak to your consultant’s practice manager prior to your consultation.

If your treatment costs are covered by an embassy or company

You will need to provide us with a letter of guarantee from your embassy/company prior to your visit with us.This can be sent via email to our admissions co-ordinator at moorfields.pripatientsbookings@nhs.net

Payment for any take home drugs will be your responsibility unless it is stated in your letter of guarantee.

At our City site, limited metered parking is available in neighbouring streets and NCP car parks are closely located. We recommend that you take public transport.

At our Bedford and Purley locations, on-site parking is available and charges apply.

If you hold a valid blue badge or are driving the holder of a valid blue badge as a passenger, you can park in the designated disabled bays. Please check the signs on the bays to confirm for how long you can park and ensure the clock card is displayed and set to your time of arrival.

All Moorfields Private sites are protected by 24-hour security, which covers all areas of the grounds. However, please note that we cannot accept responsibility for any personal possessions brought into the hospital.

A multi-faith room is available for our patients, where religious representatives are also more than welcome to attend. If you would like to arrange a visit from our Anglican Chaplain or from a leader of your own faith, please speak to a member of our team.

Smoking or vaping is not permitted anywhere within any of the Moorfields premises including entrances.

Before you are discharged we will provide full details about any ongoing medication or treatment you may require. Any take home medications will be dispensed by our private patient pharmacy

We aim to provide the highest standards of care and would like your feedback about the service we provided during your recent visit. This will help us achieve an even higher standard of care. We would appreciate you taking a few moments to complete the questionnaire using the following links: outpatient visit or recent admission.

If you have a concern about the care or treatment you have received and would like to make a formal complaint, please see our complaints process.

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