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We are part of world-renowned Moorfields heritage. Moorfields Private Eye Hospital is the private division of the famous Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, with a reputation as a centre of excellence for providing ophthalmic care to private patients from the UK and abroad.

We treat the widest range of eye conditions. From common complaints to the most complex eye health problems that often require unique pioneering treatment not available anywhere else in the world.

Our consultants are internationally recognised experts who work at the top of their field and train ophthalmology specialists from around the world.

Our highly skilled ophthalmology nurses deliver the highest level of patient care for the best outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Our dedicated facilities with the latest lasers and diagnostic equipment enable us to offer the most advanced laser and implantable contact lens treatments for vision correction.

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GPs and Optometrists

To make a referral please call +44 (0) 20 7521 4664 or email moorfields.privatereferrals@nhs.net, and we will arrange for your patients to be seen by the right eye specialist consultant for their condition.

Help your patients self-refer

Your patients can book their appointments directly by contacting our dedicated new patient team on 0800 328 3421. They will be taken through the booking process and explained how to prepare and what to expect on their appointment.

Same and next day private appointments for your patients with acute or undiagnosed symptoms.

There is no need for a referral, your patients can simply call 0800 328 3421 to book their appointment, available Monday – Friday, 2pm - 6pm.

Cases we treat

This service is for adult patients wishing to get fast access to diagnosis and treatment for urgent eye problems such as:

  • Trauma
  • Unexplained sudden change in vision
  • Eye infection
  • Dry eye
  • Contact lens problems
  • Eye pain, redness or swelling

All of the clinic’s consultants have close ties with the Moorfields NHS Foundation Trust’s A&E service. We are happy to see patients with both acute and persistent symptoms, which may not always qualify as an emergency case, but nevertheless are worrying for your patients.

Cases we don’t treat

Urgent paediatric cases should be directed to a specialist paediatric consultant or to the local Emergency Eye Service. Patients with diagnosed conditions including retinal detachments/tears should book their appointments with the specialist consultants.

Patients with sudden onset double vision should be discussed with the local Emergency Eye Service and not sent to this clinic.

What can your patients expect at their appointment?

  • Initial nurse-led assessment including visual acuity test
  • Any additional tests the consultant may request (at additional cost)
  • Consultation with one of world-leading Moorfields consultants
  • Prescription medication as needed (at additional cost)
  • Follow up care and specialist referral as needed

All recommendations and any additional charges will be discussed with your patients during their consultation.

Information for your patients

You can share this link with more information about the Rapid Access and Urgent Care Clinic with your patients.

A dedicated service for international patients ensures that each stage of the treatment pathway is managed through one central point of contact. The referral engagement team can arrange treatment around the patient’s travel plans. We can also provide ongoing communication with embassy or corporate sponsors and their medical teams, ensuring continuity of care when their patients have returned to their home country.

To arrange your patients’ admissions or to find out more about our services, please contact us:

+44(0) 207 521 4665


We’ve been setting international standards for over 200 years in training the next generation of ophthalmic professionals around the world. To support your professional development and continuing medical education, we provide a range of accredited short courses and events for healthcare practitioners on all aspects of eye health.

To find out more about our courses for healthcare professionals, visit Moorfields Education.

For more information on how we can support your own practice requirements, please contact the referrer engagement team at moorfields.privateeducation@nhs.net

All Optometrists in the UK are welcome to join the Moorfields Private Shared Care Cataract Scheme.

Benefits to you and your patients for being part of this scheme:

  • Continuity of care between your practice and Moorfields Private Eye Hospital.
  • Feedback from our ophthalmologists and support if there are problems you need to discuss.
  • Record-sharing between community optometrists and Moorfields Private Eye Hospital.

Conducting pre- and post-operative assessments for cataract patients

The optometrists who are part of this scheme will undertake a pre-operative assessment, working to a Moorfields Private specified protocol. After surgery the patient will have a follow up with the consultant, but we will ask the optometrist to perform a post-operative assessment around 5 weeks after surgery.

Download Shared Care Scheme factsheet.

Find out more by contacting Hayley Raison, Primary Care Relationship Manager at hayley.raison@nhs.net.

To become an affiliated optometrist, you will need to attend a Moorfields Private Shared Care training webinar and to sign up to the eVonnect referral system. The eVonnect system will be used to submit all pre op and post op assessments and will be covered in the training webinar.

You only need to attend one training session to join Moorfields Private Shared Care Cataract Scheme.

For upcoming training webinar dates and if you are interested in joining this scheme, please contact Hayley Raison, Primary Care Relationship Manager at hayley.raison@nhs.net.

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