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Vivienne - I am free to enjoy my life without glasses

26 July 2021

When booking her laser surgery, Vivienne thought it was a treat to herself. But it proved to be essential for enjoying her life, family and photography.

“Before my laser eye surgery, I was one of those people who rely on their glasses so much that they keep one set in the car, one in the kitchen and one in the office… and even then I was always looking for them as I needed my glasses all the time. It was really irritating! Imagine, you go shopping and put your glasses on to check a price of something, then you slide them to the edge of your nose to have a conversation with a friend, then back on again… up and down a lot. And, in the summer, when outside, you keep having to swap your glasses with your sun glasses. I was so fed up with it!

I thought ‘this is nonsense, I need to be able to enjoy my life without so much interruption.’ And, once I’d made a decision to have vision correction, I wasn’t scared. I was doing it for me. And I was thrilled, four months on, I am still thrilled with the results!

I had my operation during the Covid lockdown and with all the protection in place – the masks, sanitisers, Perspex screens and testing I felt very safe at every step. The staff at Moorfields Private were very friendly and nice to me, and my consultant was just delightful – very well informed and a pleasure to talk to!

Half an hour after my operation, my eyes were a bit sore, but not painful, and my husband did have to drive me home. The next day, when I woke up, I was able to really see everything, clearly. The incredible clarity was similar to what I experienced when I wore my first glasses at the age of ten. I remember realising I could not see properly before. And, feeling this again, only without glasses, is incredible!

I can finally see objects in mid-distance, which was a problem my glasses could not solve. I can see a leaf far out of my window and tiny writing on things like medication. And, more importantly, I can get on with my photography, taking lots of shots and seeing what I’ve captured immediately, without fumbling with the glasses. It’s so nice to simply click and look, click and look.

I am looking forward to swimming underwater for the first time in my life as I’ve always been scared that the contact lenses would come out. Now I will be free to jump into the swimming pool with my family and have fun together. Such joy!

I wish I’d done it sooner!

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