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Tamasin – my multifocal lens gave me the very best result

12 January 2022

Despite her complex eye condition, Tamasin’s cataract surgery with a multifocal replacement lens gave her the perfect 20/20 vision to get back on the golf course.

My cataract had been developing over the past few years. At first it had not caused me any problems but gradually I noticed a marked deterioration in my right eye distance vision. This posed a serious problem for me as I have a squint in my left eye and always relied on my right eye to see fully.

My optician had prescribed stronger distance glasses for driving and also recommended cataract surgery. Around this time my husband had been treated on the NHS at Moorfields Eye Hospital in London for a scratched retina in his eye. His consultant also removed the cataract in that eye at the same time, replacing it with a distance lens.

He had been advised by his optometrist that Moorfields had an excellent reputation and, if one was to be treated anywhere, this was the place to go.

My husband and I decided I should have the cataract removed privately. I contacted Moorfields Private in October 2021 and was booked in for my consultation. By that time my eyesight had deteriorated to the extent that even with my prescription glasses, I could neither drive nor play golf - I couldn’t even see the ball!

I’ve read about my consultant’s skills and experience and was also very impressed with his kind approach at my appointment. I was interested in having a varifocal lens fitted when the cataract was removed so both my short and distance vision could improve. He discussed the best replacement lens options for my condition and advised me to have a multifocal lens which featured the latest technology and would enable me to work on my computer and drive, even at night, without glasses. The results as far as I am concerned were miraculous and worth every penny.

The procedure was straightforward and painless. There were a few pre-op questions and tests on the day of the surgery. The exact measurements for the replacement lens have been taken during the previous appointment and required very precise work as I also had astigmatism in my right eye.

On the morning of my operation my consultant once again checked my eye and the replacement lens measurements. His anaesthetist also came to see me and explained he would be giving me a sedative for the operation during which I would stay awake but not feel or see anything.

All the staff I met were friendly, helpful and thoroughly professional. My consultant’s skills are first class, he and his team worked expertly and efficiently to make sure I remained calm and relaxed throughout the entire procedure.

I am thrilled with the results. I could see straight after the operation and for the first few days after it I have marvelled at the colour depth and vibrancy in everything I could see. I can now drive and see the ball when playing golf. I now have 20/20 vision in my right eye and my sight is now better than it was 10 years ago. I would certainly recommend Moorfields Private to anyone needing cataract surgery. I am also very glad I was able to choose my consultant and with his advice opt for a multifocal lens with advanced technology, to give me the very best result.

I wish I’d done it sooner!

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