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Pearse Keane speaks to The Irish Times about eye scan breakthrough

The Irish Times profile Moorfields Private consultant’s impressive research career

6 February 2019
Pearse Keane, consultant ophthalmologist

Pearse Keane, consultant ophthalmologist at Moorfields Private, was recently interviewed by The Irish Times about his impressive research career and a “lightbulb moment” that led to the ground-breaking research collaboration between Moorfields Eye Hospital and DeepMind Health – a world leader in artificial intelligence technology.

Pearse specialises in the treatment of retinal diseases, including age-related macular degeneration (AMD). His research looks at how emerging technologies can be used to solve healthcare problems and improve patient care.

Speaking to the Irish Times, Pearse said: “I like to identify exciting new technologies – such as virtual reality, artificial intelligence, or smartphone digital technologies – and consider possible medical applications.”

In August 2018, Pearse and teams at Moorfields, DeepMind and UCL announced they had developed a game changing artificial intelligence system that could one day help eye care professionals to spot conditions earlier.

Pearse added: “This [technology] could confer huge benefits for patients because all the evidence suggests that early detection and diagnosis of eye disease allows earlier treatment that can prevent people from going blind.”

Read the full article.

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