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Joanne – heaviness in my eyelids went away immediately

24 October 2023

Joanne underwent cosmetic four lid blepharoplasty

I first looked into having cosmetic eye surgery when a childhood condition that had caused my eyelids to droop started to cause me discomfort and I began to feel uncomfortable with my appearance.

I had visited Moorfields hospital when I was 13 for surgery to correct a squint, so I knew its reputation and that it was a world leading eye hospital.

I decided to have the operation carried out privately and due to my knowledge of the hospital and past experience I wanted to see a consultant who was connected to the main NHS hospital and worked there as well. From my research, I found out that all consultants working at Moorfields Private are accredited Moorfields NHS eye hospital consultants. I did some online research and learned further information about the individual consultants that carried out blepharoplasty.

My eyelid was really drooping and I had very severe asymmetry; it was so bad I could pull my eyelid down over my eye to my cheek, there was a lot of loose skin and nothing but surgery would have changed it.

At my consultation I was really satisfied with the information I was given, and although my consultant recommended I should seek a second opinion, I didn’t feel I needed one. From my research and the position he held at Moorfields, I felt confident my consultant was one of the best in his field and I totally trusted his recommendations.

During the consultation, my consultant determined that through surgery, he would be able to get a good result for me. I said my eyelids felt very heavy and I felt he knew exactly what I meant. I also had fat permeation below my eyes and he advised me I was a good candidate for lower and upper eyelid surgery known as cosmetic four lid blepharoplasty. Throughout the process I felt he had so much time for me; he was really understanding about how I felt. Overall, I would say my consultant was phenomenal!

Prior to booking my consultation, I had looked at one of my old graduation photos and I could see my eyelids covered my eyes, and you could barely see my eyes were open.

As my eyes were not symmetrical, I was concerned they would remain so after the operation, but thanks to my consultant the operation worked and I felt the result was magical.

My consultant told me that profits from Moorfields Private go back into Moorfields NHS hospital and to me that was so important.

The feeling of heaviness in my eyelids went away immediately after the surgery. My mum came to pick me up after my operation and when I removed the patches, she said my eyes looked open, even though they were still puffy from the surgery. The timing of the procedure worked out really well as I was just about to start a new job.

Now, unless you knew I had surgery, no one would look at me and think I had the operation. When I speak to someone, I feel much more confident in my appearance and when I see myself in old photos, I can’t believe the difference. Looking back I wish I had done it sooner.

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