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Your appointment at Moorfields Private Eye Hospital: Helping to keep our patients and staff safe

22 September 2020

We know some patients are feeling anxious about coming in for their appointments right now, but we want to welcome you to our hospital and reassure you with the measures we have put in place to help protect you.

What can you expect before your appointment?

Before coming in for your appointment, if you are experiencing any symptoms of Covid-19, including a high temperature, new persistent cough or a loss of or change to your sense of smell or taste, please follow guidance and stay at home for ten days (or 14 days if a household member has these symptoms) and contact NHS 111 online for advice. Please contact your Consultants Practice Manager to re-arrange your appointment for when it is safe to do so.

All patients will need to complete a home testing kit to test for Covid-19 before surgical admission. This is a swab test. A video link that shows how to complete this test can be found here.

Once your admission date is confirmed you will be required to isolate for a period of time, with members of your household. This period is dependent on the type of anesthetic you are having and may differ if you are a high risk patient at greater risk of contracting COVID 19. Your consultant will inform you about what anesthetic you require and the timeframe for isolation.

Before your appointment a nurse will call you to complete a telephone assessment. The nursing team will ask you a series of questions and ensure you are fit and well in order to go ahead with surgery.

The home testing kit will be delivered to you by our partner laboratory. This test will have a barcode on it which is specific to you. In the unlikely event more than one member of your household is having surgery with us it is important you use the swab test with your name on it.

The home testing kit will be delivered to your home address by a courier. If this test is not received by 4pm the day before you are due to take the test, please call our ward team on 0207 566 2601.

If you are not isolating at your registered address please inform your surgeons Practice Manager and the Nurse during the telephone assessment. If a second test needs to be sent to an alternative address there may be charges associated with this to get the results back on time.

The test should be performed in the morning on the indicated day below.

Day of Surgery - Day of Swab Test

Monday - Thursday before surgery

Tuesday - Friday before surgery

Wednesday - Friday before surgery

Thursday - Monday before surgery

Friday - Tuesday before surgery

Saturday - Wednesday before surgery

The test will be collected from you on the day you take the test between 8am and 8pm by a courier.

You do not need to tell the courier what is inside.

The courier will take your test to the laboratory for the results to be processed.

The results are uploaded to a portal and our nursing team will check this portal for results. We will only contact you if you have a positive result so that we can inform you and rearrange your surgery. We will not contact you if your result is negative.

Positive results are automatically shared with the Track & Trace teams. If you result is positive you may get a call from this team before we have read your result. Do not be alarmed by this, we will make contact with you also. The track and trace teams work very rapidly to reach positive patients.

We will do all we can to ensure your surgery goes ahead. It is important you continue to self-isolate and keep your swab test safe if it is not collected and that you do let us know on the number above.

What can you expect at your appointment?

We have introduced a number of measures to help keep our patients and colleagues as safe as possible when visiting the hospital:

  • At the hospital entrance symptom checks are completed. You will be given face masks to wear throughout your visit. You and your visitors will be given face masks when they enter the hospital. Please wear this throughout your visit.
  • We have installed Perspex safety screens on our reception desks and breath guards are used for some close-up examinations.
  • To minimise the number of people in our clinics, we are asking patients who cannot attend alone to arrive with a maximum of one other person, and only if absolutely necessary. We understand that patients may need to travel in with a relative or carer, but please be aware that, due to our social distancing measures, we may ask them to wait outside for you. This is to ensure yours and other patients’ safety in our clinics.
  • Our waiting areas have been laid out to maintain social distancing. Visitors from the same household may sit together. We have signage and processes in place to assist.
  • We have staggered appointment times to maintain safe social distancing. Please do not arrive more than 15 minutes before your appointment time. If you do we may have to ask you to return closer to your appointment time.
  • If your visit is being paid for by your health insurance, please share your pre-authorisation codes with us as soon as you can. This will help to reduce the time you will need to spend waiting in our clinics.
  • Use of the stairs and lifts has been limited to one person at a time wherever possible. Family members, carers or staff will still be able to assist you as needed.
  • Many aspects of patient care provided at our clinic require face to face contact - such as diagnostic tests or physical examination. We have implemented a strict cleaning regime of all equipment. All equipment used will be fully wiped clean and sanitised before your appointment.
  • The clinical team who see you for your appointment will be wearing appropriate PPE (personal protective equipment) which may include a face mask, gloves and a gown. These steps are there to help keep you and our team safe.
  • We have a number of hand sanitising points stationed around the building. Please use these throughout your visit.
  • All high contact points such as door handles and surfaces are all wiped clean regularly throughout the day.

What can you expect after your appointment?

  • Any follow up tests or consultations may be arranged by phone or email from the practice manager team if they are not present in clinic on your appointment day.

If you have any particular concerns before on your visit, please do raise this with us. We want to make your visit as smooth as possible.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

The Moorfields Private Team

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