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Evgeniya – No more missing out on an active life

18 May 2021

Glasses and contact lenses didn’t fit into Evgeniya’s active lifestyle, leading her to feel she was missing out. After laser surgery, she’s not missing out anymore.

“I have worn glasses ever since I was in high school, before switching to contact lenses due to my active lifestyle, which includes regular skiing and swimming. But contact lenses gave me dry eyes and glasses weren’t a practical option for me - I wanted to be able to see better when going about my daily life as an IT project manager, which involves using the computer a lot.

I had considered having vision correction surgery for a long time. Contact lenses and glasses were becoming unsuitable for my lifestyle and I was beginning to feel that I was missing out on life by not having better vision.

I spoke to a number of companies offering vision correction but, due to an issue with my cornea, I didn’t feel comfortable having the procedure with them.

Then I went to see Moorfields Private.

They were able to assess my eyes, complete further investigative tests and find a solution I feel I would not have found anywhere else. I felt very comfortable at Moorfields Private throughout the whole experience: from the outset, they explained clearly what to expect from my laser eye surgery, put me at ease, and made me feel safe at every step. I received incredible care and support from all the staff. They provided a real personal touch.

I don’t remember ever being able to see as well in my life. I had vision at the sides of my eyes, something I hadn’t experienced before, enabling me to pick up the minutest detail – even dust on a sideboard.

My surgery has improved my quality of life incredibly. I enjoy my daily activities, such as skiing, more and feel like I am no longer missing out on life. I feel a lot safer, especially when driving, as it’s improved my peripheral vision.

I am used to big changes in my life. I was born in Russia and have lived in the United States, and other countries, before coming to the UK. Despite that level of change, my eye surgery was by far the biggest and improved the quality of my life immensely.

I thought about surgery for seven years and I can’t recommend Moorfields Private highly enough.

I wish I’d done it sooner.” Evgeniya - Actively happier.

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