news, 27.10.2020
Charlotte – Life-changing surgery
news, 19.10.2020
Emma – Trusting in clinical expertise
news, 08.10.2020
Fred – Daily life improves by 100%
news, 01.10.2020
Evgeniya – No more missing out on an active life
news, 17.07.2020
Thinking of having laser eye surgery – Your questions answered
Written in association with Daniel Gore, Director of Refractive Surgery
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news, 15.07.2020
Charles Brunton shares his experience of a recent visit to Moorfields Private.
"We left feeling as though we were getting the best care"
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news, 12.05.2020
Avoid itchy eyes during hay fever season
news, 12.03.2019
Moorfields Private rated outstanding for surgery services by the Care Quality Commission
Inspectors said care is innovative with excellent support available for patients
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news, 23.10.2020
What to expect when you have treatment for cataracts –  Your questions answered
Written in association with Vincenzo Maurino, Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon
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