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Your frequently asked questions regarding a package price

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What are package prices?

A package price bundles the common fees associated with a procedure into one price. This often represents a discount compared to paying for all the items individually.

What is included?

For each procedure with a package price, the team will be able to provide a list of the consultations, scans, tests, procedures, follow up consultations and consumables (such as lenses) which are included within the package.

What is not included?

We charge for the initial consultation separately and also at a fixed rate. This is to allow patients the opportunity to discuss the treatment or procedure with their consultant before committing to the full package price.

Any additional scans, tests or upgrades that are not part of the routine package are not included in the package price. Our package prices are designed to cover what every patient needs who is going through that procedure. However, in some and more complex cases, a consultant may need to request additional diagnostic tests or scans to ensure the best outcome for you.

For example, most patients don’t require a B-SCAN before undergoing a cataract operation. However, in rare cases the consultant cannot adequately see the back of the eye in the initial consultation and the consultant will recommend an additional B-SCAN to ensure that the procedure can be carried out safely. This would be charged in addition to the package price.

The consultant will advise you if there are any additional costs before they are incurred.

What are the benefits of choosing a package?

There are three main benefits to choosing a package price:

  1. Peace of mind: know how much you are likely to pay up front in a fixed fee
  2. More cost-effective: package prices are better value than booking each appointment or test individually
  3. Less paperwork: pay once rather than having to pay multiple invoices

What are the benefits of choosing to pay separately (not a package)?

There are two main benefits of choosing to pay separately:

  1. Choose your consultant: you can request to be treated by any consultant at Moorfields Private. For patients who opt for the package price, we will allocate a relevant consultant to treat you
  2. Choose your appointment time: we will give you a full choice of appointment time and dates so you can fit your appointments more easily around your work or lifestyle. Patients who choose a package price will have fewer options for appointment times and dates

Which conditions do you offer package prices for?

Moorfields currently offers package prices for unilateral and bilateral:

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Your frequently asked questions regarding a package price consultants


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