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Moorfields Private Surgeon collaborates with Google DeepMind Health

An exciting new medical partnership

10 October 2016

A collaboration between Moorfields Eye Hospital and Google DeepMind Health has resulted in an exciting new medical research partnership that could revolutionise the way professionals carry out eye tests and lead to earlier detection of common eye diseases.

Moorfields Private consultant surgeon Mr Pearse Keane, who initiated the collaboration spoke to The Ophthalmologist magazine and explained his story of how Moorfields and DeepMind began working together, what they’re currently working on, and what’s next. Click here to read the article.

The partnership brings together leading NHS eye health professionals with some of the UK’s top technologists at DeepMind, which specialises in using cutting edge technologies to to look for early signs of eye conditions that humans might miss.

Two million people are living with sight loss in the UK, of whom around 360,000 are registered as blind or partially sighted. With the right treatment at the right time, many cases are preventable. For example, it is estimated that up to 98% of sight loss resulting from diabetes can be prevented by early detection and treatment.

Both Moorfields Eye Hospital and DeepMind Health hope that this work will eventually help eye health professionals to make faster and more accurate diagnoses, leading to better treatment for patients living with eye conditions.

For more information please view this video, where Moorfields Private Consultants Professor Sir Peng Tee Khaw and Mr Pearse Keane explain what impact technology can have on the early detection and prevention of eye disease.

For media enquiries

Please contact the DeepMind Press Office on deepmind-press@google.com or emilyclarke@google.com or call 07734 967284 or the Moorfields Eye Hospital Press Office on press.office@moorfields.nhs.uk or call 020 7566 2628.

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